Not a Friend..More like a Family

Friends-are-family-quote-wallpaper I dont know but is this an imaginary one … I never know how much of a big heart a person can have, you might have come across such wonders of life..this beautiful heart – I’m referring to my best friend, treated each and every more like a family than a friend….She is a person who can even wake up at 4 am just if you are depressed and will talk  to lighten your mood…  she is the person  on whom you can trust blindly if nobody is there to support you…The point of writing this is to dedicate it to her…as today’s is her special day …her birthday.. She never says the words which could hurt someone but just cuts a call,she is the one who can cheer up a person even if she is in a gloomy and sad mood. Fake- is never a word while referring about her …wishing her a very happy birthday as she can never know how much of a difference she made while coming into everyone’s life…she is a real soul…the most precious stone 🙂


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