Is That You!!!


A broken,lost and devastated soul,

something that’s not easy with the crowd to mold.

Hell cut your lovely wings

But you expertise on how to swim.

You once drowned,

your lungs failed but you didn’t miss the gills.

You abandoned the hell and see you now!!!

a mermaid in heaven, an unbeatable runner,

Is That You !!!!

A creative mind, a heart of passion,

someone who wants to be wild enough to run.

Run, run to your dreams, run to your world, run to be You.

Destiny murdered the vision Oh! so brutally,

but honestly tell me ,Were you ever a slave ??

No! Not of your destiny, as you begin to shout.

Your honesty shouts being your only master,

your hard-work ultimately covers for everything.

Are you that scared child who turns a powerful ruler?

Is that you!!

Oh! the wannabe rich ruler of the poor fate,

don’t you worry as life is hell cum paradise.

You have two hands and a mind as a device.

touch the sky with your feet on ground.

Rise and Shine as a ray of sun,

honey! you think, you dedicate, you struggle,

and you become.

Than the universe will see you as an imperfectly perfect miracle.

and your reflection will ask : Is that You !!




Let There Be The Light




Let there be a light amidst your heart,

Like a glowworm which emits a spark.

Seeing that divine spark,

the most depressed soul starts to sing a tune,

the most tortured spirit feels a desire to live again.


Let that kind light guide others to survey their mind,

Let their dreams wander free, from chains of expectations,

Let them get lost in the deepest dark, and therein find themselves,

Its the merrymaking light that counts, the light of invisible hope in this so tangible turmoil.


Once in a lifetime don’t just think what you can achieve,

But for sure think what a big spark you can ignite for the universe.

For the universe, to bound together as a whole,

For the shaking hands clutching each other, whether they are black or white.

For once let’s just raise our hands to wipe the tear of that untouchable who has lost his dignity in this regal crowd.

Let’s just forget where we came from this Diwali, and remember only where we’ll all be heading to ; that’s nothing but soil.

Let there be the light, not for me, not for you, but for everyone.




The Destiny




The decisions I took shaped my destiny,

the path traveled were my identity.

I am just a stone marveling at the diamonds,

I am just an indecisive human

who want his choices.

You Don’t know my mind,

but I know myself.

You haven’t crossed those hurdles,

but I did that.

I will learn, slowly,eventually

and ultimately.

I will walk, stumbling, falling

and than standing.

But I will walk.

There is a fire inside which is suppressed,

there lies the light dying to shine.

Risk is the most unpredictable element

I wanna taste.

I don’t wanna see the world anymore,

as I want the universe to see me,

shaping my unpredictable and stubborn destiny.


The Ship Never Really Breaks



Have you ever felt sometimes that your family doesn’t quite reach to the core of your mind?Ever had a soul to soul talk with a non blood related family?Ever wondered how many moments are simply over in just laughing hysterically over some silly stuff with your best mates?If you had felt like this than you are damn lucky, coz God gifted you with a beautiful caretaker ; A Friend …Sometimes we gain them, sometimes we lose a few, but the truth is- the traces of this serene bond stays in the memory forever and…ever…

We all forget but the heart never really does, the precious memories are a reservoir to mankind, a souvenir of faith, love, joy, and immense kindness. If this ship develops a crack than simply block the doubts with forgiveness, if this ship sails a different direction due to storms of misunderstanding than just relive the times when you were with your lovely friend – all the ecstasy that made your dark’s into lights.

Just think about the times you were sitting at the corner and that person irritated you to no hell till you started talking.Each one of your friend had been there for you in some or the other way, they literally helped you to become the person you are today. Nobody is meant to be forever : its a fact of reality, they weren’t liars to tell you that they would be by your side forever, perhaps your friends were a mere puppet of destiny and time.

So, please…please for the sake of today forgive and forget, wear the shoe of understanding,no demands no regrets, just say these three magical words : Happy Friendship Day to every good old friend as a token of gratitude.

“KINDNESS: Born Amidst Hate”




You know! a lotus blossoms in mud, the illusionary character – Cinderella, who lived in a world of hatred is recognized as an epitome of kindness,Why i’m telling this? Well,I don’t know…but yes,the point is clear ; a kind heart is sometimes born amidst the world of hostility and chaos.

You become what you see ; that’s what they say….. but sometimes you become what you want to see; which you wish as a certain change in this world. The world which is so fast paced that it doesn’t quite understand the moral ethics if they are madly drowned in greed, ego and wealth.

Your inner spirit want to be as free as a bird, as peaceful as that wide sky far above;you want to be that little change that you badly wanna see in this world. Either you become like others who you despise and contribute to a harsh cruelty that you never wanna witness or you be the person unlike others – seeking solace with your own beautiful soul; Your choice and I know it will be better.

Everything will be better, No ! Best, for your own good… 😉

The Enchanted Spell



The darkness, the chaos, the agony,

all lost the battle today.

The hatred, the confusion, and anxiety,

lose the ground as they taste defeat.

They were the shadow warriors from ages ago,

since the day when the light was born too.

They couldn’t harm a single cell

of the enchanted spell conjured by the music above.



Each string,each chord, each note

mingled with the immense purity of words

and mixed with the desire to be loved.

The heavens above rang a sacred bell

which would clean even the dirtiest soul.

It was the magic of music which continued,

to nourish, to grow,to overpower the soul.



The calm waves chilled the ground

with a new found energy.

The waves of song they were,

lightening all the faces below.

Each sentence ended with a peaceful melody,

leaving the madness of mind

and bringing the innocence of heart.

Today the music was a sweet divine,

surely like an enchanted spell.




You have known me since childhood, I was there for you when no one was, I understood every pain behind your rude snapping….You have known my dark as well as good days. But whom do you choose at last…Me or…Misunderstanding?

It happens in everyone’s life,this crucial stage where you have to choose out of the two.It takes years to form a great bonding of souls but just a mere millisecond to shatter it into pieces. You assume something and the image of your best ones just goes into trash. Without reaching to the core of any matter you just take a hasty decision full of bitterness and hate. Misunderstanding is a severe disease to any beautiful relation.

ALWAYS….always give the person a second chance to explain, or even you can try to get into their shoes before breaking apart…as the consequences can be very very heart wrenching….