Horrible cage of past..

a inspiraars


You do charity.. You have a loved one..you have lot many people to enjoy… You party hard…you are damn rich..but still you lack something. You know what ?? – your eternal joy and peace, in plain words I can say Happiness. Many of us are tired of being sad, most of the time we are drowned in sorrow and unfortunately we don’t get the reason…what is it actually??
Our mind is capable of wandering over three parts..Present, past and future. When it wanders over planning the future and doing something constructive its totally OK. The secrets are always buried in those horrible cages of past that buries all the memories of sorrow as well as joy. Nothing bad will happen eventually if we cherish about the good memories we had and we spent but thinking about the bad times and brooding about it makes yourself dead and hopeless. While thinking…

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