The delicate bonds of friendship break for a while,

Its when you find solace in your own mind.

When the world at large is mocking you,

When the word – “family” is a distant view,

That’s when you’re alone…….



Its the quite moment of peace and identity,

as it gives you an endless time…..

An endless time to discover yourself,

An endless time to get your feet strong,

It’s a temporary feel to get your powers…..



When you meditate, you feel alive,

The mere existence is holy divine.

Now if you ask me, you know your direction,

It’s like the beauty of your own prediction.

The cycle will rotate eventually and each

soul will knock on your doorstep,

but the key to the door is, one, only one

– that you find yourself when you’re alone…………


The Blind Word : Love



Its blind, lame and the most generous word isn’t it ??? A mother doesn’t lessen her care for the son who is snapping or being rude to her, a true friend doesn’t mind at all to care about a friend’s well being even though they just fought! A boy would still care too much for a girl who just broke his heart, he could never hate a girl he was madly in love with ! We ignore the outside masks or whatever the circumstances, we simply, and off-course blindly….Love

My definition is beyond the point of two lovebirds-mere a boy and a girl,it’s very very diverse. I am talking of that kind who always stays, is permanent for instance – family,friends and soulmate; Yes…that kind. Its more higher than a stupid little crush or one – sided attachments, the useless kind of mere attraction, it’s a life long or meant to be together thing for both people.We always ignore even the biggest flaws of these people, I’m telling you, even if they turn a robber or a thief your heart would still beat… beat for only that person. We turn blind to their looks,mistakes and limitations, we simply let them be imperfect, imperfect for us…

Those Three Magical Words


Yeah I know life isn’t a fantasy land and magic doesn’t exist, but what I am referring to…is a common saying. We all must have heard that at some point of time. The three magical words – “I love You” surely can transform your monotonic life into some sort of a colorful fairy-tale. My point is not on these words but it’s basically on it’s usage….usage with anyone,anytime and well…..a thoughtless usage you can say…..

A person has no intentions of in someone’s life or commitment whatsoever, he/she doesn’t know that it’s a promise actually. If he/she doesn’t even know the purity of these 15 letters, he isn’t ready to mean it by heart…then saying it is a big sin you know? What will happen if your Someone Not-So-Special gets attached to these strong feelings? What will happen to that someone whose heart will be gone with you forever,If you have no intentions of staying???….Yes, feelings do change with time but the other mate should be warned if you really care. You know what! you will leave happily and without thinking much but the other will lead a soulless life.

I love You is not chocolates that you  distribute on a republic day to every heart you pass, these are the words for hope,for love and are the sunshine of life….if the sun will leave nobody can live in the darkness. Don’t say it like a player,love isn’t a game! Say it when you really….really Mean It!!

She is……Born to Love


With that mischievous twinkle of her beautiful eye,

Spreading a “one million smile” as she walks by,

To each empty heart who hated the glory of love

She is an angelic inspiration sent from above,

As she is…….Born to love.


A grateful soul she is,to everyone here and there

Darkness envy her,sorrow could not dare,

A will so free,a mind at peace,

Nourishing each spirit,a keeper of happiness and its keys,

She is an inspiration to a gloomy ones who says-

“Life is a big bad game with no sun rays”

. She explains to her world,everything is our choice,

No dark or the light side,nobody see the sun.

No matter what,God sent the messenger as she is the one,

She is born to lead all of them with her inborn qualities of

care,affection,intelligence and love………

Yeah !! …that’s true …She is born to love.

A Long Lost Dream


Since you were a kid you were passionate about becoming an artist …all you could see is ….color stains all over your face…you can imagine your huge art gallery where only one name is praised in everyone’s head and that’s – “you”…This was an exciting illusion and an adventurous dream which you loved to chase ….if you could …yes you can…now ….

You are pursued to study science by your parents and that old dream is lost somewhere near the dust of your science stuff.Yeah !! that’s how the life takes its turn. Now,at this age you wonder whether you could somehow live the life of your dreams,as you want to rule your own destiny.Yes,friends you will be pleased to know that you can change your long lost dreams like that “Alchemist” who was ready to take any while wandering in those strange deserts.If you really have a bright idea about where your inner joy resides,then you are at a right track guys.

Everyone is unique with a versatile personality,no one is too late to chase their dreams.If you are alive,there is only one reason you have to find out.The only reason for which you are made by god’s hand in its unique ways,for a special power you own, a best talent of yours.You are the creator of your own destiny,don’t fear the risks ….they are the pillars of success, a crown to your position.A far away dream is more adventurous,you are free to go after them….yeah!! you are free as you should be caged only if you are a corpse.

I Am …. The Voice Of Freedom


Not an ordinary voice that said – “Vande Matram”,                                                          not that so common soul who is “Independent”,                                                                  I am that voice which survived through tears,hatred                                                         and pity as I escaped the gates of death ….                                                                             I am the voice of thy Freedom……..

My Spirit was a prisoner of Elite Class                                                                                       which thrashed the talent of this earth,                                                                                     Yes….they ruined the innocence of small minds                                                                 and dominated the intellectual of large,                                                                          This brutality continued till this date…                                                                                    Till my voice was heard……My voice of Freedom.

I escaped the bars of fear,greed and inability,                                                                       I ran to a different road……I made “My India”,                                                                   as was conquered by some noble men.                                                                                     Yeah!!….. Noble Men who did not lay their weapon of courage,                                   until the last drop of blood they shed.                                                                                       My voice shriek as it salute these immortal people                                                           of their selfless journey….as I Am ….Yes…I Am                                                                   the voice…born on this day….I am the voice of Freedom.