Is That You!!!


A broken,lost and devastated soul,

something that’s not easy with the crowd to mold.

Hell cut your lovely wings

But you expertise on how to swim.

You once drowned,

your lungs failed but you didn’t miss the gills.

You abandoned the hell and see you now!!!

a mermaid in heaven, an unbeatable runner,

Is That You !!!!

A creative mind, a heart of passion,

someone who wants to be wild enough to run.

Run, run to your dreams, run to your world, run to be You.

Destiny murdered the vision Oh! so brutally,

but honestly tell me ,Were you ever a slave ??

No! Not of your destiny, as you begin to shout.

Your honesty shouts being your only master,

your hard-work ultimately covers for everything.

Are you that scared child who turns a powerful ruler?

Is that you!!

Oh! the wannabe rich ruler of the poor fate,

don’t you worry as life is hell cum paradise.

You have two hands and a mind as a device.

touch the sky with your feet on ground.

Rise and Shine as a ray of sun,

honey! you think, you dedicate, you struggle,

and you become.

Than the universe will see you as an imperfectly perfect miracle.

and your reflection will ask : Is that You !!




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