Let There Be The Light




Let there be a light amidst your heart,

Like a glowworm which emits a spark.

Seeing that divine spark,

the most depressed soul starts to sing a tune,

the most tortured spirit feels a desire to live again.


Let that kind light guide others to survey their mind,

Let their dreams wander free, from chains of expectations,

Let them get lost in the deepest dark, and therein find themselves,

Its the merrymaking light that counts, the light of invisible hope in this so tangible turmoil.


Once in a lifetime don’t just think what you can achieve,

But for sure think what a big spark you can ignite for the universe.

For the universe, to bound together as a whole,

For the shaking hands clutching each other, whether they are black or white.

For once let’s just raise our hands to wipe the tear of that untouchable who has lost his dignity in this regal crowd.

Let’s just forget where we came from this Diwali, and remember only where we’ll all be heading to ; that’s nothing but soil.

Let there be the light, not for me, not for you, but for everyone.





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