The Ship Never Really Breaks



Have you ever felt sometimes that your family doesn’t quite reach to the core of your mind?Ever had a soul to soul talk with a non blood related family?Ever wondered how many moments are simply over in just laughing hysterically over some silly stuff with your best mates?If you had felt like this than you are damn lucky, coz God gifted you with a beautiful caretaker ; A Friend …Sometimes we gain them, sometimes we lose a few, but the truth is- the traces of this serene bond stays in the memory forever and…ever…

We all forget but the heart never really does, the precious memories are a reservoir to mankind, a souvenir of faith, love, joy, and immense kindness. If this ship develops a crack than simply block the doubts with forgiveness, if this ship sails a different direction due to storms of misunderstanding than just relive the times when you were with your lovely friend – all the ecstasy that made your dark’s into lights.

Just think about the times you were sitting at the corner and that person irritated you to no hell till you started talking.Each one of your friend had been there for you in some or the other way, they literally helped you to become the person you are today. Nobody is meant to be forever : its a fact of reality, they weren’t liars to tell you that they would be by your side forever, perhaps your friends were a mere puppet of destiny and time.

So, please…please for the sake of today forgive and forget, wear the shoe of understanding,no demands no regrets, just say these three magical words : Happy Friendship Day to every good old friend as a token of gratitude.


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