“KINDNESS: Born Amidst Hate”




You know! a lotus blossoms in mud, the illusionary character – Cinderella, who lived in a world of hatred is recognized as an epitome of kindness,Why i’m telling this? Well,I don’t know…but yes,the point is clear ; a kind heart is sometimes born amidst the world of hostility and chaos.

You become what you see ; that’s what they say….. but sometimes you become what you want to see; which you wish as a certain change in this world. The world which is so fast paced that it doesn’t quite understand the moral ethics if they are madly drowned in greed, ego and wealth.

Your inner spirit want to be as free as a bird, as peaceful as that wide sky far above;you want to be that little change that you badly wanna see in this world. Either you become like others who you despise and contribute to a harsh cruelty that you never wanna witness or you be the person unlike others – seeking solace with your own beautiful soul; Your choice and I know it will be better.

Everything will be better, No ! Best, for your own good… 😉


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