The Enchanted Spell



The darkness, the chaos, the agony,

all lost the battle today.

The hatred, the confusion, and anxiety,

lose the ground as they taste defeat.

They were the shadow warriors from ages ago,

since the day when the light was born too.

They couldn’t harm a single cell

of the enchanted spell conjured by the music above.



Each string,each chord, each note

mingled with the immense purity of words

and mixed with the desire to be loved.

The heavens above rang a sacred bell

which would clean even the dirtiest soul.

It was the magic of music which continued,

to nourish, to grow,to overpower the soul.



The calm waves chilled the ground

with a new found energy.

The waves of song they were,

lightening all the faces below.

Each sentence ended with a peaceful melody,

leaving the madness of mind

and bringing the innocence of heart.

Today the music was a sweet divine,

surely like an enchanted spell.


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