The Blind Word : Love



Its blind, lame and the most generous word isn’t it ??? A mother doesn’t lessen her care for the son who is snapping or being rude to her, a true friend doesn’t mind at all to care about a friend’s well being even though they just fought! A boy would still care too much for a girl who just broke his heart, he could never hate a girl he was madly in love with ! We ignore the outside masks or whatever the circumstances, we simply, and off-course blindly….Love

My definition is beyond the point of two lovebirds-mere a boy and a girl,it’s very very diverse. I am talking of that kind who always stays, is permanent for instance – family,friends and soulmate; Yes…that kind. Its more higher than a stupid little crush or one – sided attachments, the useless kind of mere attraction, it’s a life long or meant to be together thing for both people.We always ignore even the biggest flaws of these people, I’m telling you, even if they turn a robber or a thief your heart would still beat… beat for only that person. We turn blind to their looks,mistakes and limitations, we simply let them be imperfect, imperfect for us…


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