Those Three Magical Words


Yeah I know life isn’t a fantasy land and magic doesn’t exist, but what I am referring to…is a common saying. We all must have heard that at some point of time. The three magical words – “I love You” surely can transform your monotonic life into some sort of a colorful fairy-tale. My point is not on these words but it’s basically on it’s usage….usage with anyone,anytime and well…..a thoughtless usage you can say…..

A person has no intentions of in someone’s life or commitment whatsoever, he/she doesn’t know that it’s a promise actually. If he/she doesn’t even know the purity of these 15 letters, he isn’t ready to mean it by heart…then saying it is a big sin you know? What will happen if your Someone Not-So-Special gets attached to these strong feelings? What will happen to that someone whose heart will be gone with you forever,If you have no intentions of staying???….Yes, feelings do change with time but the other mate should be warned if you really care. You know what! you will leave happily and without thinking much but the other will lead a soulless life.

I love You is not chocolates that you  distribute on a republic day to every heart you pass, these are the words for hope,for love and are the sunshine of life….if the sun will leave nobody can live in the darkness. Don’t say it like a player,love isn’t a game! Say it when you really….really Mean It!!


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