She is……Born to Love


With that mischievous twinkle of her beautiful eye,

Spreading a “one million smile” as she walks by,

To each empty heart who hated the glory of love

She is an angelic inspiration sent from above,

As she is…….Born to love.


A grateful soul she is,to everyone here and there

Darkness envy her,sorrow could not dare,

A will so free,a mind at peace,

Nourishing each spirit,a keeper of happiness and its keys,

She is an inspiration to a gloomy ones who says-

“Life is a big bad game with no sun rays”

. She explains to her world,everything is our choice,

No dark or the light side,nobody see the sun.

No matter what,God sent the messenger as she is the one,

She is born to lead all of them with her inborn qualities of

care,affection,intelligence and love………

Yeah !! …that’s true …She is born to love.


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