A Long Lost Dream


Since you were a kid you were passionate about becoming an artist …all you could see is ….color stains all over your face…you can imagine your huge art gallery where only one name is praised in everyone’s head and that’s – “you”…This was an exciting illusion and an adventurous dream which you loved to chase ….if you could …yes you can…now ….

You are pursued to study science by your parents and that old dream is lost somewhere near the dust of your science stuff.Yeah !! that’s how the life takes its turn. Now,at this age you wonder whether you could somehow live the life of your dreams,as you want to rule your own destiny.Yes,friends you will be pleased to know that you can change your long lost dreams like that “Alchemist” who was ready to take any while wandering in those strange deserts.If you really have a bright idea about where your inner joy resides,then you are at a right track guys.

Everyone is unique with a versatile personality,no one is too late to chase their dreams.If you are alive,there is only one reason you have to find out.The only reason for which you are made by god’s hand in its unique ways,for a special power you own, a best talent of yours.You are the creator of your own destiny,don’t fear the risks ….they are the pillars of success, a crown to your position.A far away dream is more adventurous,you are free to go after them….yeah!! you are free as you should be caged only if you are a corpse.


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