Somebody Is…Listening…..To You


Your prayers are still unanswered , your life still pissed off , heart still broken , friendships lost , love far away but you know what guys !!!….Somebody is listening to your beautiful heart , giving food to your lovely soul on a daily basis , you are getting little surprises in your routine , some crazy and good friends that long for your friendship , a mother , father or sibling who care for you immensely no matter how you behave with them , you got a life…yeah!! life – its a huge surprise.

God creatively balances the ups and downs in our life when we are busy cursing him for those bad times which eventually make us strong . We don’t get what we want but we get what we need for sure.We are ungrateful to those small cute pebbles while collecting and struggling for a huge diamond. We ignore those joyful times and only feed that mournful past in our mind. We are never grateful….yeah !!! never grateful no matter what. Those memories which makes us smile are worth of a reminder not for once, not twice but for each and every second till our breath counts. Yes friends , somebody is always there…..listening….to you…yes, because you have a beautiful soul !!!!…… 🙂


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