Somebody there…


Staring at the long roads emerging into those scary routes,                           shaking, I saw myself fearing, crawling in those fragile boots.                                       A strange rope of sunshine and I felt somebody there.

With my immense hope, inevitable strength and an unending vision                     of not so possible journey,I moved on…..                                                                                on to an untraveled path following a mysterious trail  of my ” Guide”                         as to what I titled him…….when I saw …Somebody there….

On this phase, he made me to fall ,                                                                                          he taught me the beauty of those transparent pearls , which were my tears.           All this time he break my heart and took me to a journey of self-discovery which was once my biggest fear….

He …..Yes he , was with me when I saw Somebody there…                                              his intense gaze from above…..                                                                                                    the divine lord watching me play, fall, cry, stand, and Create Myself….


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