A Fresh Breeze


You are awake …..yes, you felt really -“Awake” that day when you realized your mysterious life revolving around a very new and unseen phase, leaving behind many beloved ones who you once wished to be with forever…..the old memories faded and the new challenges ahead….the old city crossed your mind but now with a different view….a totally different one…..

We all say – “It happens, happens only for good”, but come on tell me how many of you really followed…..very few, and this is the sad truth.The point is – our life is similar to a roller coaster ride involving some beautiful ups and downs, nothing or I can say no one is steady or constant as the life goes on.Believe….believe that one fine day you have to walk away….away from your best buddies, you are on a treasure hunt, your paths will teach you as well as make you stand “Alone” not lonely.

So never in your whole journey be afraid of a fresh breeze, new faces, new dimensions which will make a “new you” 🙂


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