When the world says No…


Its the time to step ahead, you have confidence on what you are doing, its the best way left …you analyzed the pros and cons …..But the world says “NO” ….. They question you ,shake you,trouble you,underestimate you and especially make you loose the glimpse of last hope left….then guys it’s not a time to backstep but step forward………

There comes a time when you get a critics eye from those judgemental people ,you are forced to step backwards when you are trying your best to stand for a crucial cause which is actually essential. Everybody has their own logic either to clarify or to argue ,each mindset is put with a variety of ingredients…. Yeah!!! we can say it as Ingredients of rationality and emotions. It’s not necessary that whatever they desire to speak is the best way for you , may be its best for them only. You need not to listen all sayings as you’re the boss of your own life….and yes everybody is not a president to whom you should listen.

So…whenever you come up with a brilliant and innovative idea don’t look on the critics opinion just  march like an army, walk in your heels of confidence , those people will one day salute you if you become famous and will automatically regret. So guys don’t put your hope down when the world says no… 🙂


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