Those pieces of …Her Heart…


In the eyes,sparkles the glistening stars

as the pieces broken in reality.

Those pieces of her heart ,her mind,her beauty and soul

scattered like that of a glass.

The world of hatred , envy , and sorrow

Drowning her in inevitable pain no one could borrow.

Lightening of those sharp dead words turning into scar

hurting her , those pieces of her heart.

She is sick with her dead corpse living in her soul,

she cant trick what all evil is going in her world.

Her innocent smile , words and thought ,

not allowed to breathe in this poisonous dust.

She cant survive with those pieces of her heart.

By forming all the imagination her little heart won,

but how could those fake pixie and that charming prince

could change her fate.

They all were ultimately gone …..

Still she pretends to hide those broken pieces of her heart ,

As she still believes in ….her hope travelling in her cart.


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