Do you still believe…



Do you still believe in that pixie dust which can glow your shoe,
And if that shoe can cross mountains as those dreams come true.

Do you still think a world of unicorns far beyond the sea,
Can make your thoughts touch a blue sky above ,
Turn your world upside down
And make your soul free.

Do you still see a vision through your magnificent eyes
That speaks a tale of strength, power and inevitable faith.
A faith that says you, only you can achieve a triumph over this game of destiny,
As your life made it too hard coexisting with a fairytale and that’s the irony.

Do you still believe was a question,
But if the answer is yes , believe me its the best one.
You are the ruler of earth and the sky that decides your fate,
For your victory is attainable, be sure to moon and back because you never have to wait. 🙂


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