That love… A beautiful spell


Love…not just a word but a magical spell which can create a chimerical bond between you , earth and the sky..
No , I am not referring to some sort of fairytale nor am I traveling through an imaginary Disneyland.. But yes I know feelings exists in this real world too. It is just a matter of thought , how you feel when you are being immensely cared and loved by your someone. It is about how you adore this heavenly feeling and let it take to another world. A world where you are confronted by you , yourself , your feel alive. No worry , agony , pain or sadness with a state of mind that tells you to live and love.
You understand that you are now more divine, more noble , more confident , thoughtful …
As you are more understood by some other person. Love is not about a mere attraction but a blissful connection of two souls who live with and for each other … šŸ™‚


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