Heart.. A silly child..


Rewind your past memories.. You were addicted to a person u can’t forget.. U remember that broken conversation..those beautiful bonds..those happy memories..with the time you saw the person change but you remain same..you longed for the person you used to saw before but no..that wasn’t possible anymore. You felt like trillions of pieces broken in your heart…you couldn’t get over the pain.. You thought you could never be happy ..u could never be the same….
Want to know what happens next….???
Now see yourself in the mirror ..you laugh at yourself remembering how you used to cry for the people years before who don’t deserve you…the real you. Now you are with the ones who love and cherish the real you…who will not make you break apart. These are your friends and beloved ones now , they hold the drop of tear that tries to come from your eyes. You can’t imagine such a drastic change in your life but it happens…happens only for your good…happens only to block those silly ways of your childish heart.
Have you ever wondered why a small child is crying his heart out to get a chocolate ?? Have you ever given him a cold drink instead…?? Is he crying now or stopped?? Or laughing with a fresh twinkle in his eyes??.. Yes friends the same is the working of our heart. It doesn’t know what is good or bad and needs the consultancy of mind …or a nice follow up plan…it needs to be fooled …we have to lie and make it stop crying…
Because life is not that bad..but yes it is mysterious šŸ˜‰


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