Memories stay ….forever…


If a glass is broken it cannot get mend again …if a heart gets hurt it will not allow the same reason to destroy it once more…. If a friendship gets spoiled it will take its own time to get on the right track…
But it won’t be the same anymore… It will change …. Change either negatively or positively… What’s my point is – things change at a fast rate….these changes will teach us, at the same time hurt us. People will also change… Change with the time but the memories we spent with these will last forever….
Wherever you are now, you are free to gaze at the immense sky and rewind a cassette , play the CD of your good memories, cherish them and feel ecstatic. You don’t have to blame your past of broken relations, just look at the good memories and feel ….. Feel the sky, the earth, the wind …..all at your side 😉


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