A Person who changed lives.. Louis Tomlinson


Imagine a person who can simply by walking through your fantasy world can refresh your hectic and tired mind and drive you to a wonderland.. The impact which he makes on your brain makes you smiling all the day like an idiot and the angelic words he put in his songs inspire you to be yourself no matter what terrible happens…you are now ready to feel alive and enthusiastic…Louis Tomlinson , that angelic singer cum composer of those heartthrob songs of one direction album has changed the lives of million fans, specially girls..
The eyes always reflects the real smile…we say that celebrities fake smile.. But this is not true in the case of the lead singer of the band one direction… He is the soul of the group and the origin of joy and fun amongst its members. His grayish blue eyes always reveal the mystery of his success that is his enthusiasm… His passion to write…write what inspires is always reflected in his beautiful lyrics which can easily turn a dead corpse alive. Those songs without his voice are so lifeless…anyone can be dazzled by that holy voice.
You know a typical girl next door who is restricted to live the life of her dreams …who is so emersed in her day to day hardships that she never care how beautiful she is. If she wants to escape and take a break she can easily wander herself in that wonderland thinking about how blessed she is if she listens the words and the voice. 😉 🙂


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