Get rid of attachments..


Many of you are soft hearted who fail to examine this heterogeneous world with a critic’s eye. We must have fallen for wrong people, must have chosen those self centered friends, must have attached with everyone who mentioned us as just an option when they have nothing. We don’t want to lose even the wrong ones in our life because our fragile heart is attached to many….yes this soft heart than get the pain….can we just get rid of these cumbersome emotional threads…??? Yes certainly… Let’s see how…
Emotional attachments happens whenever our mind is already preoccupied with thoughts about a particular person. In 24 hours we spent at least 10 hours just unknowingly thinking about a single person or topic. Do we get any benefit …No. Because the person on whom we are wasting our emotions is sometimes the worst to care about.
People say that its impossible to forget, but its totally a saying that’s not completely true. If we know that time heals every wound than why  don’t we believe. Friends its never impossible although it takes time but its always best than having just better. Just during the time of your sadness inculcate in your loveliest pleasure… Be with as many good people as you can…go out with your lovely family …have as many celebrity crushes as u can ..think of other things day and night…get an excellent motivation for your bright success… People have just temporary role..and life is so permanent …don’t ruin it.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


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