Think..before misunderstanding


With this fast changing pace of world.. Everyone runs..not only they, but their mind too races against the practical acceptance. People here are ready to blame and break up with each other just to satisfy their misunderstood concept. Without getting concerned to others feelings and emotions our words are always ready to hit hard…hit hard straight into their fragile heart.
Two of us exists in this immense who cry,get hurt and show it to world,others who in spite of fighting with all odds never cry or show off. The thought is, we should understand as well respect both of these. Some people care from the depth of their heart from the very beginning, so before misunderstanding their fragile heart and hurting it with some rude and harsh words just think. Think whether the matter you are bringing is really worth or just a satisfaction of your silly thought. Think whether this person is really good or really not worth speaking and also think…think what is their view or perception.. What if you lose them.
Don’t ever try to take anyone for granted , if they come back to you every time it means they don’t want to lose you. They are the precious gems of your life,don’t dare to lose them. If they don’t cry.. It just seems…they are crying… Out loud inside…they are to be taken care of before misunderstanding … Yes 🙂


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