Shining Star..


Have you ever seen any star at night who even in a fraction of second failed to emit its light..even in the darkest hour of the night..they shine..shine even more brighter… Brightest.. This is the most beautiful attribute of their character. U and me are also like these stars but we fail to twinkle..Why… ??
Everyone is not the same..each one is different.. Yes, different with a fantastic charm which no other can imitate. We step on this world with a different god gifted talent ,unique and exclusive. We are born with a miraculous strength and a will which uses it to perform unthinkable magic. We have such spark which can dim the brightest light. We all have that beauty which can overpower the angels from heaven and the fragile flowers of the nature, but we fail to emit this spark.
     In the state of despair we forget what we are really capable of,we forget our own charm. Is it right ??… Is it right to forget that god given beauty of our self just for the sake of darkness instead of just accepting and challenging it.
Some of us are so drowned in caring and loving those who  don’t even deserve our slightest interest that we even lose the track of our own destiny,dreams and desires. We all want that life of tragedy and drama which are capable of ruining that spark and charm of us which is god gifted and the greatest treasure of all. Why do we do that?? What else we will get…?? Who are we do ruin this precious beauty??..
Take great pleasure in being you because in a millions of crowd you will never get a star like you …yourself… Never lose that spark for anyone less important. 🙂 😉


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