My mind and My heart


My mind warred over my heart,
What should I feel the best, whether my loneliness was worth seeing ,
Or my struggle, my dreams or my well-being .
It was a constant battle from years,
Should I let drop those temporary tears.
Should I let drop my all those fears.
My soul finally judged the confusion with its true expertise,
It didn’t let go my true paradise, which was nothing but my own life, my own self, my own dreams that make me alive.
The result was not to lose the way for a regular pain but keep it unknown and get myself ready for a permanent gain.
Mind and heart for now , coordinate with the same aim.
I was ready now, I was ready for this permanent game.
Neither my mind wins the heart nor the vice versa was true,
They both will be same level competitor till eternity. 🙂


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