If you are Depressed…??


Do you ever felt depressed to levels that were unbearable to being alive… Admit it, we all at some point of time were so upset with ourselves that life became worthless…we tried to get locked in that infinite rigid grip of darkness… Depression is the greatest threat to humankind in this fast changing world… Its a thing that makes a lively soul turn into a walking dead with no hope, no desires and after all no life…. Is there any way out ?? Yes…off course there is a key to every lock…
Drug and alcohol are the ones who will drag you to death or to that state of depression which will be unrecoverable. They are the weapons for those weak minds who never knew the value of life. It can never help but only kills. Yeah…it will..
When you are in depression it clearly states that you are constantly thinking about a particular topic. Your mind absorbs only that topic and you have nothing else. So the best recovery method is to keep your mind and body as busy as possible with some fruitful activities. Take that much work in hand which will fail to give your mind to wander elsewhere. Make as many new friends and involve quickly in simultaneous jobs. Your mind will suddenly be preoccupied with…new hopes…new desires… New dreams…new life 😉 😉


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