The ones who never leave..


Somebody told me once that anybody can leave you alone at any point of time without your prior knowledge. You must have heard and especially felt the unstable behavior of friends who turn into an unknown stranger. We feel lonely and left out we don’t just feel alive. But my mind constantly warred with my lonely heart about these thoughts, as I was missing and most importantly , ignoring the strength behind my hardships , the gem behind my beauty , the owner of my peace , the love for my hatred , the way out for my problems… Yes not only me friends but we all have some place to go – home. We all have some people who will never ever think of leaving us alone when we are at crossroads – our beloved Family…. How can we forget the people who gave us birth, shelter and love so easily… Do we ????
It is our mentality nowadays that we take for granted what we keep on getting….the ones who keep us loving in spite of the fact that we hate them or love them. We keep our friends and our lover at a level above our family… We know that they will be there we just ignore. How easily we ignore a mother who sacrifices her personal pleasures just to take care of us….and that father who work so hard to provide us shelter. Our siblings will fight or love us but will be there always.
They all will support us till the end. So let’s agree to keep them happy and start caring for these selfless and gentle souls šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰ …..


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