When I look back…


When I look back to that butterfly with multi colored wings ..I remember it as an ugly caterpillar in loop rings…

I see myself a year ago and can’t recognize who I am today..That dull color of my thoughts growing day by day..

When I look back to that beautiful friendship I used to share with you… I now feel a broken bond for which I have nothing to do..

When I see old clouds which once crossed my path… I remember the raindrops it shed on the leaves so dead.

I always smile like an idiot thinking how senseless I was before…wasted my precious tears on those who cared no more.

When I look back I don’t regret what I lived and felt… For the memories are a forever treasure letting my heart to melt.

I will wake up to those uncertain mornings lying in my future …Present makes me alive and past is my tutor.

Nobody was evil ever to me I feel..they guide me by leaving.. By pushing… I fell and I certainly heal..
They enriched my experiences to a quarter more deal.. šŸ™‚


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