Your best lover is… you..


We wait …wait for someone special to make us smile..wait that somebody would care or love our very soul..we enjoy the company of people but are afraid of being on our own…
It happens..not only with you and me but with everyone. We fail to love and appreciate our own beauty… Fail to encounter our own talents…fail to love our own soul.
Every human soul is capable to be loved and to be taken care of. The best way to be happy with other company is to be happy with your own company. If you are happy with yourself than nobody will ever dare to ruin your mood.
  Friends you on your own is an amazing personality. Take time to feel that and appreciate your own charm…you are worth it. You have that magical power which can turn days to night…darkness to light… Never stop believing that. So why don’t start from today and spend a day alone…enjoying as well with ourselves as your best lover is ….You… šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰


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