If you fail ..he has some plans


Being the most hardworking you sometimes fail and feel like a loser ..u lose the track of your future… You can’t accept the reality..u say “why me”… You don’t understand if you were wrong somewhere… You don’t see a glimpse of light behind those dark clouds….but if you look clearly ..you will see someone sitting behind this darkness and showing a faded path of light in another direction… A direction which you haven’t encountered until now.. He is thy almighty who has some different mindset with a totally different plan waiting for …only you..so don’t say Why me.. ??..
Every human takes birth to do something which no other can do…everyone has to play different characters. If you are the most hardworking or you are the one who put your whole heart to your job than you are also categorized as a Chosen One. That chosen one has to go along with this game of god and cross all the hurdles very cleverly. Don’t think you are a loser because the truth is something very hidden and invisible behind those clouds. If you do not win the race it clearly means that you are supposed to prepare yourself even more harder to outshine a more bigger race and win over yourself. Then the next time your fellow players will be in the mindset of winning but only you …Yes you …will fear to lose..and in that fear you will perform extra smart…more cleverly..
So before believing anyone that you are losing think that god has more better plans for your next preparation to win over everyone. 😉 🙂


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