Love – not a word but a Belief


Many of you daily see thousands of loving couples breaking apart and their soul crying.. You once trusted in this magical word but for now you don’t believe…you can’t accept the thought that there somewhere it do cousin asked me recently a beautiful question which made me to think on this word – love…Is love really exists..?? Do I believe in love.. ?? Yes or no..I was confused… But finally got my theory. Since I got my theory I so wanted to share it with you my dear friends.. Why not on this auspicious occasion… Valentines Day.
Love is actually a word of four letters not a festival of two people namely boyfriend and girlfriend. It is that pure feeling which when lingers in our mind , makes our world magical. Someone is given a chocolate she shares it with her beloved friends this is also love. A mother sacrifices her desires and all the pleasures of her life just to breed her child. A father works hard ,earn , come late at night just to make his children happy…this is what??.. Love. A sister sacrifices a beautiful dress to gift it to her sis. These all are just the examples of love.
If you think that nobody in the world is made for you …the reason is see a lot couples breaking up then you are entirely wrong. Sorry to contradict but there somewhere, someone like you is also waiting. If  you are in a relationship its not the sole responsibility of your lover but also yours to maintain this relation already know that a relation is as fragile as a glass. A good person will always get a best soulmate but only he or she has to wait… 😉 🙂


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