Let her fly


With the wings she imagined herself to touch that wide sky,
Let’s not stop her to feel those horizons,
Let her fly.

She has an innocent belief for  her dreams , for her journey , for her path,
Let her leave a trail behind wherever she wanders around,
Let her fly.

She was once an unidentified prisoner of that cruel cage,
Her beautiful sentiments were carelessly drained by this world,
Let her feel ,
Let her fly.

She is the gem which outshines in the dirtiest stones
With a beautiful heart making her face pretty
Let her fly.

She is thy heaven of purest spirit, she is the caretaker, the lover, the faith, the true soul,
She can sacrifice herself to make you alive.
Let’s not stop her , Let her fly.

She is a women with a beauty so delicate that even those roses feel stronger in front of her,
Let her grow , let her fly.


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