A little thrill..will change the days


You are fed up with your life..you are exhausted with your daily routines and job..doesn’t find pleasure in anything.. You feel bored..you feel lonely.. Ever wondered what’s the real cause of these boring days ?? ..No .. OK let me tell you…
Let’s visit a playschool today…No guys seriously I’m not joking, you will get your desired solution there ..for sure. Take a look at that innocent child playing carelessly with sand…look at the thrill and pleasure in his eyes each time he makes a sand castle after the waves had washed out the previous castle. The child again and again keeps a thrill in his eyes ..he does not get disappointed with the waves and with the hard work each time it washed away. This thrill keeps him moving.. Keeps him living… Gives his life an aim to carry on.
The lesson is to keep the same thrill and spark in your eyes too to keep living . Not only for any big aim but also for those small aims ..or those small things you do or you decide. This will miraculously erase all those difficulty,Boredoms or complications from your life. Just try it out friends 😉 🙂


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