Best time to start…Now


We wait..wait for the right moment to act…the right moment to walk over  our own decision which are now lingering in our mind..which we only wish…yes we only Wish to accomplish.. We dream to touch the sky but we don’t even wander and look through the stars..don’t you know its the greatest barrier to success..
There is no moment termed as the “right moment to act ” . Its damn necessary guys to convert your beautiful ideas from paper to reality and make it fruitful for you as well as for this world. We don’t lack the intelligence we always lack that necessary willpower to keep moving forward. Let me tell you.. There is no Cinderella dreamworld which exist there is only one world where we live and that’s Reality. Yes friends to live in this we have to make our dreams true by ourselves because the moment you start acting is the best moment don’t wait to be successful 😉 🙂


3 thoughts on “Best time to start…Now

  1. Now is always the best time to start doing what you want, because leaving things for tomorrow will increase the dose of working and that can bring exhaustion!
    I love how you think, so inspiring!!!

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