Time changes.. Almost everything


Those brown seeds lying in front of you will grow into a beautiful plant someday…that little girl sitting quietly in front of you will turn into the most talkative lady…your young face will be wrinkled someday.. A friend you give so much importance will leave.. There are changes…in everyone and everything.
The ones who used to motivate you a lot… Meant to you a lot..are not meant to be with you till eternity. Yes friends, we have to accept..accept this bitter truth..and the compulsory procedure of life. Time is that powerful element which can turn everything upside down. Whatever we wish or feel is independent of what will actually happen. There can be a snowfall in the month of April somewhere.
Everyone or every good or bad thing has its role to play in this innovative skit of life….roles already been decided by our protector called god. He is the one who decides…decides our blank pages of life.. He grant us the willpower to be with new people and get as much new experiences as we can have. The one who leaves is your past…if yesterday is gone…then tomorrow is there ..all new and fresh..change.. A big change in your life. Light will frequently follow the dark…and joy will follow sorrow… Its a guarantee friends don’t worry . But there are changes essential for us to grow…to feel…to understand.. To experience life.
Everyone and everything will change.. But for your own good..for always.. So stop hating and start loving new experience and wholeheartedly welcome these changes in your life. They are your beautiful guest .. 😉 🙂


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