For A Friend You Trusted


You met a soul so happy
Shared your joys , your sorrows and your each little thought..
You were the one who got attached.. You trusted him so seemed to u that he will never leave you alone
The game began..
You were the one who hold his hand whenever in cared like nobody else could… You were overjoyed by this new company. You meant this till eternity… But this game…so called game of life…game by god watching over you..this bitter game.
Suddenly you were like the old clothes.. You were forgotten.. You were like any other…when you were sad..or in need ..there was not him to take care or even ask…when you needed to talk there was a silent reply…this soul was changed..and was happy for some other reason…
You suddenly realize that you were just a matter of company but for you..he was your frnd..a beautiful soul on whom you can rely. You didn’t knew about these uncertainties hiding cleverly in your future…
This is a game played by god if he doesn’t want anybody who is not worth holding in our future. The person you cared was in your past…with some good memories…cherish these whenever you feel..but never get attached for some temporary feelings..everyone is not meant for forever kind of thing. God wants some real people to come and clear our way from those fake or temporary ones. Its a kind of game by him..its not an ending friends but indeed a very joyful new beginning for the ones who will be true and real for us… Its a guarantee from god.. Trust him πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ 


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