A little way..


A little light will always make my night sunny…bring a spark to my blind eye.. A little light..a little way..
A little warmth of a hand holding my hands showing me my life..my journey… My destiny.. A little warmth..a little way..
A little idea to touch the sky..to shine bright in the so called crowd of reality.. To let me fly higher.. A little idea ..a little way..
A little word..of appreciation.. Which says – I know , I will, I can will make my day.. Fill my life..help my dreams to go further.. A little word..a little way..
A little love which will tell me that I am valuable , beautiful and makes my life worth a miracle ..love with a magic wand ..a little love..a little way..
A little flower given to me by an innocent mind..which speaks the tales of its originality and fragrance..inspires me.. A little flower.. A little way..
A little way..which showed me the journey of love, care and kindness to humanity is always worth walking.


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