Inspiration – Is there any source..??


He wants to clear his IIT .. He is the only child in the family and a hostlers since a few years… A little friends and company not good enough to motivate him so that he can continue his journey and get inspired… No Inspiration source .. Nobody to motivate or show the light at each point of life…Where to find inspiration then ????
People accept the truth… Its with most of us nowadays… We dim our own brightness because we can’t find someone to motivate us to keep us going. But nobody… Yes nobody ..not even anyone like to be a failure…we just need a bit of guidance here and there don’t we ??. If that is the case then let me remind you of that bitter truth which every one of us hate to hear… The truth is – nobody is permanent in our life. Yes …nobody will be free to tell us that we have to keep working hard. We were the one who instilled a strong desire to achieve our destiny in the beginning… So we are the one responsible for the continuation of our struggle.
See in the mirror and you will see the best person who will give you the best advise. Yeah you…you are the one in a lead role of your life’s story …for not just once but till you achieve your dreams.
The best idea is…to write it down. Yes write down your dream on a big poster or something and hang it permanently on your room’s wall or keep an image of your destiny in front of you for always. It will never fail to give you the inspiration so desired to keep moving. It is a permanent and the best way…you know why ?.?
Because it was once written by you…the image created by you…the best inspirer ever 😉 🙂


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