Can’t sit idle in this world


Rat-trap , rat race , competition , winning , losing  – these are the common terms we not only hear but feel nowadays. Even if your dad is rich but you can’t live on his currency for the rest of your life. You have to stand on your own legs and run till you’re established.
No… Don’t think that I am putting a full stop on your life and leisure but I wish to increase one step more on your journey of joy. A journey where you can feed yourself on your own hard earned money… Where you drink a royal coffee in the mug which you purchased the day itself when you got your first salary. It will be a worth journey.
Just imagine… You worked a whole day on your assignment and got an excellent made an artwork and it was sold. You feel a sense of proud.. A sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction.
Moreover if we want to live or we can say Survive in this competitive world with prices touching the sky day by day… We need …yes… Need to work hard. Sitting idle will never help, we will never get any respect or status…practically speaking in this judgmental society until and unless we are someone worth.
Just give it a thought friends 😉 🙂


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