Fear to walk alone


She wanted some groceries….wanted to go to a market place…dialed her friends number..asked her cousin.. Nobody was free…she canceled the plan. She was not going to be alone obviously…yes even if it was her job. She would first ask the fellow mates.
You know guys the most hardest battles are always to be fought alone. Yes off course we need someone but it should not be like… For always. This concept will definitely prove to be a hurdle in future. Why we always in need of being with someone when we can easily explore places,enhance knowledge and flaunt in front of our friends. We aren’t weak or handicapped ones…in need of a wheelchair or a caretaker at every moment of our life.
If you are in a fear of the things will go wrong or not knowing the way out…then let me tell you nobody is inborn genius here. Yes..the point is try it once…twice…thrice and many times. Come out of this fear of Being Alone… Its never bad… Believe me 😉


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