“Music Therapy” for headache


Working on your personal laptops for hours…you fear you have developed a migraine or a serious brain damage.. Your head aches like hell and you wish that either you can hit your head hard on that wall in front or just leave your work for the timing… But how unfortunate you are then. The best medicine ever is to flow with the rhythm.
Many of you are facing these kind of trouble.. Especially in winters…no I am not here to blame the season but its my personal experience. If you are.. Then just kindly take a short musical break… Don’t worry it so short..or for those busy enough I would better suggest practice it with your work for a while. Just plug in earphones with some soft, soulful and oceanic music. Breath out and breath in…concentrate on the sweet rhythm. Its a kind of music therapy… A state of deep relaxation and meditation. It energizes the mind and you will feel better. For the one’s who know playing with instruments can practice it with them.
Come on then…go with the melody… 😉 🙂


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