If u think…


If u think that you are in a habit to smile in your dark hours…you can turn on the light to glorify the world.. If you think that you are now ready to face the world.. Let the consequences be hell..you believe in your power…You are now a new person.
If you bring a smile on someone’s face ..a stranger though.. Who don’t know the worth of living..who has never ever seen a glimpse of happiness… Who is drowned in sorrow and loneliness.. You are a inspirer ..A true soul..selflessly living.
If u think that present is a present gift wrapped by god…the trees are beautiful to look at…water is lovely to be stared in a lake…flowers are more prettier than your pictures.. The stars are more glamorous than anything.. You are not traveling in the false illusions of past and future… You are a lovely person with the most beautiful eyes…
If you think you will be happy…whatever.. With whoever..or wherever…you keep laughing at the silly jokes cracked..keep trying..keep living…keep loving yourself. You …yeah you..will be the most happy person on this earth…forever.
Yes its true 🙂


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