Ignorance is Murder


Ever wondered, why that little plant couldn’t grow..currently kept in your balcony.. You nourished it with water a few days ago..but the result was  sudden death… It dried and didn’t grow.. That little kitten provided with sufficient milk but ignored dies …who doesn’t need a little love???
Human emotions are the same like the above two cases. Yes, if anybody is ignored by his or her own loved fellows, that person nearly dies each day..every moment.. Every second. Have you ever experienced the pain…the ignorance.. The death of your soul… Your body… Your conscious.
A guy being ignored by a girl whom he loves more than his life..forget the aim of his life.. The duty towards his family.. The reason to be alive. He develop a hateful feeling towards his own self…towards his own strengths. He feels week, he is a walking corpse now… Yes alive but no life.
A girl ignored by her lover curse her own beauty..her faith in relations weakens to the extent that she …from now wants to be alone forever.. She feel depressed and guilty at the same time. She feels if she is mistaken somewhere or if she is useless to this world.
Ignorance is equivalent to murder. It makes a soul die deep inside. If you are ignoring someone without any reason or good it is a prompt murder..remember. It will pay you..you will never get a peace of mind.. You commit a crime then.
Never try ignorance to solve your relation issues. 🙂


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