This short life


We want to celebrate the sorrow most of the times…lock ourselves in a dark room for hours,days,months…or we can say lock our mind till lifetime being sad, lonely and depressed.. Letting a pretty smile fly away from our face …even our soul can’t get a glimpse of joy…we enjoy that state…enjoy sympathy …don’t we?? know why…because we all are in a misunderstanding that we will get infinite sets of human life…No friends ..we will never ever…frankly speaking…
The true story is ..god grants us…chooses us to be given this human life once in decades…that spider crawling on that wall was never lucky like you to be human nor that ant which can be easily attacked anytime by your careless feet. We were the chosen ones…yes we..he has given us this beautiful soul,body,earth,people to live with. Why being foolish to waste it in doing nothing when each one is blessed with an unknown talent to serve to others. Don’t we get that we are going to die some uncertain why don’t we live till that unfortunate day being really happy not gloomy.
Find happiness in small joy… Small moments. Who don’t get sad..who don’t get depressed… Everyone is hurt… But life goes on…try to move on…if you can’t then go at a new place or new thinking.. New world… New people…deal with it…take as a can..yes…you..
Because life is too short to  to cry and too beautiful to live happily.. 😉 🙂


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