Be Rare…Like A Diamond..


One of my friend i met …Dressed in simple clothes not so appealing ones ,a very intellectual and peaceful mind . Emotional fool as we nowadays refer to….no doubt charming and heart stealing beauty she is… She fall for a guy who ditched her for some glamorous and those easy to get girlfriends  …You know what’s her problem ….she is that rare piece of diamond which anybody can’t afford. Is it really a problem friends??? .. Let’s see ..


She is not a woman that needs a man but yes…she is a woman that a man needs. She is a miracle who can really turn a men’s life to heaven for sure. She is damn caring who will forget herself anytime for others.
Sometimes in life we fall for a wrong person or the circumstances are not right or may be the time has not arrived. At that point of time we fail to understand our own beauty. Very few people are there who really are philosophical enough to understand like our dear bloggers …and amongst those few ..that one is rare…who truly loves a soul not only the body. We just have to wait for that one true person and stop to ruin our life for those not meant for us.
Do stop crying …get up true to life…be yourself… Honest,caring,simple and beautiful in your own way that is so enough as a gods gifts. You are rare… Away from the crowd …you are best..will shine as a diamond …Just wait and watch.. 🙂 😉


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