In love ..with me


You fell hope that you were like copy them..their cool ways,looks, talent…again you fail. You have nothing but yourself. But you have one unique soul to fall in love with ..u know who ..???
Don’t think then that you are a failure but analyze the path..the path from where you have started. Yes..your path ..your unique journey.. So unique and hard that no one would have even dared to come so far. They are those ones who never faced the days of storms that you experienced and won. Your victory is worth celebrating..your victory of survival is unique… Worth appreciating. No one should dare to discourage your journey of improvement.. From an immature to a mature..yes no one not even you..yourself.
Yes friends, just give it a thought. Imagine yourself 10 yr back who you were and compare your own present. Never compare yourself with others it’s totally useless. You are leading a different life.
From now appreciate your own god gifted soul..your talents(yes believe me you have many) , your beauty (you are beautiful ,beyond words.. ) because its the time to fall in love…with yourself… šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰


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