Understanding me..


Its a bitter feeling.. When you are not understood..yes you know that you care..you love..you feel..you work..take care of your responsibilities.. But a time comes when its enough.. No one is their to understand.. Just no one..even not you yourself..
You remember your childhood when you cried a lot when you were hungry,you literally used to weep when you needed a teddy to hold. You were the one who have been taking care of yourself….yes nobody else but you were always there to understand your needs ..your feelings..your unique soul.
Nothing has changed friends.. Look into the mirror and you will see the best person who will understand you..yes..you think you have friends, family and your soulmate who will take care of you…but it will always start with you.
So from now don’t expect care and understanding until and unless you start caring and understanding your own self.
Its really the need for nowadays..
So take care .. 😉


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