Frighten the fear


If I drive I will meet an accident.. If she goes far away ,she will forget me, if I don’t perform well in my exams..I’ll fail..what people will think..what will be our future..
  The above thoughts generally lingers in your mind like a free bird. No..don’t think please that they surround you by their is you and your choice appreciate them. Do we even think that how much of our present moments these fear destroy… No…never. We just think what we think regardless of the fact..that how much it is affecting or hurting us..our life..human life..that we get once in a moment to rise up.


You know what we fear for…the most..I think you all will agree to my observation… We all are a victim of what people will think..what will be our image..our PRESENT image. Yes that word needs to be was an essence..a big necessity. All we fear for our so present present what people will say or think…people…yes people not GOD..fear from god that’s it. Today people will judge us..not full lifetime.. Days change people change. It is a guarantee , when u succeed than the people who at first wrongly judged you will believe and salute. You are the one living your life not have your own should boss yourself not are nobody’s puppet. If they think..let them..I am not emphasizing on being illegal.. But if you are moral.. Then be it..follow your true not fake…a copy is never appreciated..never guys..Never. You are not here to impress ,let them go to hell..nobody understand what you do. Being practical,a teacher know about his students.. But as a whole..not individuals.. Its rare case…they can pass any comment on each ..but its not at all a common sense to start believing and impressing teachers,society or parents. Study as hard as you can, but never ever in your life pay attention to those words which you think are not totally true about yourself. You are always welcome to get up and start a new life…you will become someday what you believe and work upon.


The biggest worry is thinking about the consequences and bitterness of life. Its a fact , harsh accidents will appear..yes …will appear..get prepared for the ought to happen and will happen to make you strong. Don’t fear for these..get prepared.
Have a good days ahead 🙂


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